This software may not works on some types kombiinstruments. Don’t use Windows ‘original’ drivers! Write eeprom – Same as its name. No need to wait up to 30 minutes for the key programming procedure. If you press “Cancel” nothing will happens, and the data won’t be written into immobiliser.

vag tacho 5.0

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VAG Tacho V for NEC MCU 24c32 or 24c64 | eBay

The new key is already stored into immobiliser and you can start engine! This will start Windows procedure to install drivers for new hardware found. This hardware interface requires drivers installation to work! TP22, yacho, 24, 25 transponders are required!

vag tacho 5.0

If error message continue to appear on screen, this means that there are some fatal error, or kombiinstrument or ECU is unknown or program can’t log in.

If you erase eeprom, or corrupt original data,in some cases you may not be able to write or read eeprom at all! For some kombiinstruments, it is required to disconnect and reconnect car battery after this procedure. Press “Program New Key”, software will read data from the dash and after few seconds a new window will be open.


This is useful when type of kombi is unknown. With this upgrade, Vagtacho can program the new key in one minute. Polo with VDO or Motometer dash: Please use only drivers that are supplied with this product.

vag tacho 5.0

If you are sure that everything is all right, press”Continue”, otherwise press “Cancel”. The key may be new – already programmed with TM Pro, or old – key which has been used with the same car!

Transponder fixed part must be “YES” otherwise the key is still not programmed into immobiliser, or Vagtacho bag procedure is not completed successfully.

Documents Configuration Comments F. View memory buffer – This will show memory data on screen in another window. There is no problem if you do wrong selection, but all other functions will tachk only if you select right ECU. If Windows ask you for a file with extension “.

VAG Tacho Download and Installation

Program New Key – This will open a new window. Works on any computer which has got USB port! The dash will be reset, and the programming procedure will be completed! If you have marked and erased some keys, they will NOT works anymore!

Introduction Descriptions Video Software. The number of all programmed keys must be greater than zero, 5.00 there are some error. Pre-programming of TP2x transponders as dealer’s keys with component security data which is read from immobiliser! It is useful if program is logged in to the tacho, but can’t read PIN code automatically.


VAG Tacho V 5.0 for NEC MCU 24c32 or 24c64

Also some automated functions also may not be executed due to variety of types and software versions. Is this a stand alone product? If this key is already programmed to the car, or it is from another car, Vagtacho will show warning message on screen and won??

Start software, and press “Connect Any Tacho” for all cars with immobiliser inside dashboard. Press “Add Key” and a message will be shown. Connect Any Tacho button – By pressing this button user can connects to kombi, and read info for any car’s kombiinstrument.

A4,A6,A8 immo box – read pin code. No need to wait up to 30 minutes for the key programming procedure.

Heavy Truck diagnostic tool.

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