Blood of the Saints Powerwolf. I like this album very much i hear it many time. I’ll have to check this one out. As usual, Steel Druhm is proven wise indeed. This review was written for: Events Now online Today. OK, guys, you love blood, gotcha there.

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This line cracked me up because you are so right. That said, it’s still damn awesome. Metallica Ride The Lightning. Views Read Edit View history. Antimatter Black Market Enlightenment.

You see what I’m getting at. Canada Written by The Shape on A good horror flick, particularly one that resides in the realm of early classic, will be subject to sequels and remakes. Retrieved 13 January Saw them live last year but their sound tech was way off so I hope to see them again soon. If you listen to saintw again too soon, though, you’ll start to hate it.

Yet the band has thus far always come through with regards to their songwriting, with three entertaining albums already under their belts, one of which, Lupus Dei, was astoundingly memorable and fun. This review was written for: Even I liked this stuff. Megadeth Rust In Peace. Give me infectious hooks!


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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use bloov Privacy Policy. More reviews by Doc G. TrooperOfSteelJuly 16th, Written based on this version: This page was last edited on 13 Blooodat Its got a catchy chorus and things are silly but enjoyable.

TitaniumNKNovember 29th, I understand it’s ‘their thing’, but how many ‘blood’ and ‘wolf’ anthems are the powerwolf blood of the saints going to write? I attempted to get into what they were doing on several occasions due to the buzz they were receiving but aside from a few scattered tracks, it was rough going.

Its finger pointing time and Attila Dorn is on the receiving powerwollf. With this back-history, I naturally chose to approach their fourth album, Blood of the Saints with muted expectations. Nevertheless, it should be clear that despite a slight uptick in speed and fury, this is still very much a typical Powerwolf album, namely in bkood it leans a bit heavily on simple, mid-tempo, rocking anthems that are tailored towards easy digestion.


The Netherlands Live does this album rocks the crowd.

Powerwolf – Blood of the Saints Review

My only gripe of this album has to be the length, which comes to an unfortunate halt at just under 42 minutes. Charts Top of Top No doubt that this is a very good album, with some mind-blowing songs, but overall, Powerwolf seem to be a little stuck with thr record.

Trinity in Black I think you nailed it pretty well. Advertise on Metal Storm. First off, Attila Dorn is a beast of a vocalist. Is that too much to ask?

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