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It returns as his symbol in Super Smash Bros. The Triforce of Power and the Triforce of Courage were stolen at the beginning of the show but were returned by the end of the episode. Other Triforce symbols appear on sacred places like the Temple of Time or objects like the Pedestal of Time though these are only for decoration, function as religious symbols, or as an indication of association to the Royal Family of Hyrule. In the back-story of Twilight Princess , the Triforce of Power, along with his own dark magic which is rejuvenated by being close to the malice and hatred of the execution grounds , allowed Ganondorf to survive his execution at the hands of the Ancient Sages. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. While in possession of both the Triforce of Wisdom and Triforce of Power, Yuga-Ganon is granted a more powerful form capable of levitation.

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In Ocarina of TimeLink unknowingly obtains the Triforce of Courage while trapped in the sacred realm, after Ganondorf fails to claim the complete Triforce, splitting it into its three components. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Triuerza possesses the Triforce of Courage early in the game, though it is later stolen by Cia along with Sheik’s Triforce of Wisdom. Afterwards the Triforce is split between them with Link retaking possession of the Triforce of Courage while Zelda and Lana carry the other two thirds.

The Triforce of Courage contains the divine essence of Farorethe Goddess of Courage, who is renowned for creating all life that inhabits the Hyrulean realm. However it is shown that even h possessing two Triforce pieces can trifuefza defeated by a single Triforce bearer, as Link with the Triforce of Courage was able to defeat Yuga-Ganon using the Master Sword and the Bow of Light.


In these appearances, the Triforces were not golden triangles, but made instead of shimmering colored jewels. With the aid of Ghirahim and Zant, Ganondorf reclaims the Triforce of Power from Lana and eventually manages to claim the other pieces from Link and Zelda, though he is ultimately defeated by Link, Zelda, Lana, and their allies.

Views Read Edit View history. In Lorule’s Trifuerz Realm, Hilda’s servant Yuga found a crack on a stone slate which led to the pair discovering the existence of Hyrule and its Triforce. However Ganondorf is able to completely revive as Link had removed the Master Sword in order to defeat Cia and her forces, weakening the seal on the last fragment of Ganondorf’s soul.

An upside-down Triforce made of black stone, appears on the Lorule loading screen to represent the loss of Lorule’s Triforce. Ganondorf attacks Lana in the valley of Seers to reclaim his Triforce of Power, triffuerza Zelda sends Impa to assist her in retreating from Ganondorf’s army.

Occasional variations are found in the shape and subdivisions. The Triforce of Wisdom was emerald green, and the Triforce of Power was ruby red. The Triforce of Wisdom may have been used to save Midna’s life and transfer Zelda’s light or soul into Midna trifierza give her the ability trituerza survive the light of Hyrule.

In Majora’s Maskthe Triforce mark can also be jd on various objects and on the armor worn by the Clock Town Soldiers, though some of these instances may be due to Majora’s Mask reusing several character models from Ocarina of Time resulting in it appearing unintentionally on people native to the alternate dimension of Termina.

After Yuga-Ganon is defeated, Link acquires the remaining pieces. To hide herself from Ganondorf, Zelda assumes the guise of a young Trituerza man who calls himself Sheikthe last remaining Sheikah other than Impa.

The Triforce consists of three trufuerza triangleswhich are joined with an inverted empty triangle in the middle to form a large equilateral triangle. However, she is unaware that Cia possesses Ganondorf’s Triforce of Power and when Sheik joins Link in confronting Cia, the presence of all three Triforce bearers causes each of their Triforce marks to glow due to being in close proximity to each other. Though in addition to the Triforce of Courage, Link also possessed the Master Sword which blade may or may not have been upgraded using Master Ore and Zelda’s Bow of Light which fires arrows imbued with a portion of the Triforce’s power.


In the more recent Kirby: The Triforce symbol has a long history outside The Legend of Zelda series. Twilight Princess save data. Eventually Ganondorf manages to steal the remaining pieces of the Triforce from Link and Zelda.

However, his imbalanced heart changes the wish, and instead of Hyrule he rules a Sacred Realm which has become a dark version of Hyrule, where, among other things, all inhabitants are beasts. Together with his allies Link manages to defeat Cia. Some incarnations of Zelda have been known to wear Triforce-shaped earrings.

Link defeats Yuga-Ganon and Hilda demands Yuga give her the Triforce of Power but Yuga reveals he has no intention of saving Lorule and Yuga turns Hilda into a painting and absorbs her along with the Triforce of Wisdom. MeleeSuper Smash Bros. The spirit of the Triforce explains its powers, and Triferza then wishes for the acts of Ganon to be reversed such as the corruption of the Sacred Trifueeza and the death of Link’s uncle.

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For the arcade system board, see Triforce arcade system board. Gadd and the equipment items based on items from the characters’ respective games where renamed, resulting in the Triforce item being renamed Great Force.

Though Zelda is known to possess innate mystical powers, the essence of Nayru, wielded by Zelda using the Triforce of Wisdom, enhances these abilities. Ganondorf did not know that to claim the complete Triforce, one must have in their heart a balance of three virtues represented by each of the three pieces of the Triforce: Together with the other Triforce bearers, Lana uses its power to help restore Hyrule to normal.

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