Why not add your own? Log in to add a tag. More Anna Nalick Lyrics. Near the end of the novel when she drinks the poison that she keeps around her neck, this is what she is remembering and she is drinking all of the “Drink Me” to disappear forever. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means.

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SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. More Anna Nalick lyrics. Seeing if the guy she loves actually cares. Its a very beautifully haunting song. Login with Facebook Error: Log in to add a tag.

User does not exist. General Comment I’m going to take a wild shot in the dark here and assume that “Ellis” should be “Alice” given the title of the song and a few other references such as “painted past” and “looking glass”.

Given that there are not only other references to Alice in Wonderland, but it is based on a part of East of Eden that specifically anna nalick drink me nalifk do with Alice in Wonderland, I’m also quite sure that it is supposed to be “Alice” and not “Ellis”. Why not add your own? I even listened to that line over and over again, and the conclusion I’ve come to is that it does even sound more drikn “smaller”, although the middle of the word is kind of quite and hard to discern.

I just read through them again and couldn’t recall hearing that line, which is because I’ve even been hearing it as “smaller”. Perhaps the transcriptionist simply mistook the name given Nalick’s hint of an ,e. I’m not sure how “Ellis” would really fit, but “Alice” — most definitely.


General Comment I’am in love with this song! She drinks her troubles away. Lately I’m obsessed And I need the rest I hope that you’re impressed But she’s so pretty, I’m jealous And she’s lost like Alice In a painted past In a nalkck glass I see me looking back I’ll take another Naliick Me, baby Slowly, I’ll disappear And wear my life like a barbed wire necklace So let’s play truth or dare So you’re a fan of Coltrane I wanna be Anlick Cobain When the truth gets scary I’ll take my gin and sherry And some Drink Me they’ll be Plath and Joplin with verse writing suiciders Kennedy and Monroe come to see my rock show I’ll be there in the front row I’ll take another Drink Me, baby Slowly, I’ll disappear And wear my life like a barbed wire necklace So let’s play truth or dare Anna nalick drink me I won’t be around to play your games There will come a day when you won’t know my name And Srink get smaller with Every swallow you’ll Wake tomorrow and things won’t be the same Talk about anna nalick drink me weather Will you miss me ever?

And now reading the other “thoughts” by people is making me want to read the book.

We apologize for the inconvenience…

Along with this, she becomes arthritic and loses the beauty she has had for mme entire life. Upon first reading through the lyrics, that made no sense to me what-so-ever. She says it was inspired by a novel can’t remember the name now where a girl carried a bottle of poison around her neck. What does everyone else think?

Drink Me lyrics – Anna Nalick original song – full version on Lyrics Freak

Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Anna nalick drink me always leaves a little bit of her Drink Me water left, because her safety net if she ever wanted was that drinking the entire bottle ne make her disappear forever.


General Comment Based on the character of Cathy from John Steinbeck’s novel East of Eden, and obviously littered many other dark references.

When the song is about the “Drink me” bottle in Alice in Wonderland, Annw think it would follow that the singer gets smaller with each swallow, as that’s what the “Drink me” potion in Alice in Wonderland does.

More Anna Nalick Lyrics.

Anna Nalick – Drink Me Lyrics

Drink Me song meanings. Add your thoughts 9 Comments. General Comment these aren’t the right lyrics No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment It definitly talks about Alice in Wonderland, anna nalick drink me Cathy DID wear a bottle of pills she used to kill herself around her neck in East of Eden so that could have something to do with nlick And yes, I believe that the ‘East of Eden’ interpretation is a valid one as well. Anna Nalick — Drink Me. General Comment I don’t know anything about the book East of Eden or any relation that this song has to it so Anlick just say what I think.

General Comment Sounds like a very dark song about suicide.

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